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  1. Hi Roger-- We live north of Muskegon, so we're about 100 miles from Gilmore. We've been going to Gilmore functions and shows for about 10 years. What a great place! We started with the British cars, the Mad Dogs and Englishmen Car Club, and then got interested in Model A's and joined the Model A club. And now Franklins! Pretty interesting history on all these cars. We're being cautious getting this car in running condition as it has been sitting for so long. The running gear appears to be in good shape, brakes need attention but not a big problem. We would like to get it to the Air Cooled Meet and possibly the Gilmore Pre-1942 Showcase. Looking forward to meeting you and the club members, Thanks again, Noel and Amy
  2. Thank you all for the information. We suspected the engine was newer than the car. We are members of the Gilmore Car Museum and the day we went there researching information for our car, we looked at the 1925 Franklin but they would not let us open the hood to compare engines. They did let us look at the one in the "garage" which is a 1922 10A with engine serial number of E79067. It has many differences from our engine. The body serial number is 141092-7. The previous owner, Wes Myrick of Belmont, Michigan, had the car since 1971. It appears the car received a cosmetic restoration in the 60's. The odometer shows 25,000 miles. We've been told the last time the car was run was 2004, so we're in the process of cleaning out the fuel system and carb and inspecting the oil pan. We have recently joined the Franklin Club and look forward to learning more about the Franklin cars as we are Model A and MG owners as well. Thanks again, Noel and Amy
  3. Just acquired a 1923 Demi-Sedan, but am not sure the year of the motor. It is number E100063, stamped into the right side of the engine base just above the generator, as described on the Franklin Club website. It has a cast aluminum air shroud, a one piece cast iron exhaust manifold, and OE-1 carburetor, and copper cooling fins. Does anyone have any information on engine serial numbers by year?