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  1. Kim Ross

    Link to the Model A Ford Club of America

    1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet for sale Was inherited a vehicle from my mother and I am trying to sell. Any interest, please check out link above. Thank you!
  2. Kim Ross

    1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet for sale

    Thank you. I will check that site out.
  3. Asking for $18,000 “AS-IS” If interested to look at vehicle, please comment below in the comment section: UPDATE: 2/8/2018: Trying to find someone to get it running again. Last time it needed a new battery and fuel. If anyone can/ knows someone to look at it in the Ft. Collins, Colorado area, please let me know. Thank you. VEHICLE DATA: Year: 1929 Make: Ford Model: Model A Body Style: Cabriolet Engine/Power Type: Gasoline Number of Cylinders: 4 VIN: Engine #: Serial #: Has a title Original Type Motor: Yes Number of Model Manufactured: 17,744 Coachbuilder: Ford Motor Co. Indicated Mileage: 64,844 License plate: Yes State: CO Vehicle last ran was: 2007 The equipment in the Model A: Vinyl Bench Seats, Cloth cover on car, and wheels are painted spokes. Condition of the car: Folding Canvas top – Stained, the trim is ok, Grille is ok, Bumpers are ok, has a bug screen. Quail hood ornament in a box. The engine ran in 2007, assumed to be operable without disassembly. Engine is a little dusty. The battery for the car is dead. Paint on the car is goldish, brown trim with orange pin stripe, with black fenders and running boards; the paint is good and has been repainted. Brakes on the car are ok and works. Tires are white side walls (4.50 x 21) with painted spokes. (There is a spare tire). The Car is Manual 3 speed, assumed normal wear over past 88 years. The car does have a rumble seat – brown vinyl. Windshield ok. Interior of the car is good, it has rubber matting flooring, cloth seats that are covered and protected, top of car is stained. The Oil & Temperature gauge are both aftermarket. Additional Notes: Engine number 42714 is from March 1928. Engine is assumed to be operable without disassembly. “Cabriolet” body style is seldom seen, but isn’t considered rare. Images of Model A.pdf