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  1. Can any one tell me which way the little hand controls go. Is the timing on the left or the right?
  2. what an awesome car. Jeff you are an amazing person. thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. and to all who share. It is an wonderful car. I really enjoy reading about them.
  3. right on thanks. I will shoot Mike and email.
  4. the steering wheel control levers have broke several times. I am able to find the OE levers how ever they will just brake again. I am hoping to come up with some leads of people who have has success building these out of today's metals. one is for the timing and the other is for the throttle. I have tried to reach out to American Arrow Corp with no luck. I am not sure if the closed. any ideas would help greatly.
  5. yes logging out and then back in took care of the problem. thank you for the quick response. I really enjoy reading and learning on here.
  6. Jeff are we allowed to swap Email. that was we can talk more private on matters?
  7. You are a very wise man. Most don"t pick up on the 5280. I like you already. I will talk with the owner. Perhaps he too will enjoy getting on here and sharing his story's. He is a great guy. This car gets driven. It is not a fully restoration but at the same time not a POS. For the most part very very solid. the interior has been redone but not original material from what I see. and the paint looks like rattle can paint. considering it came from Jersey there is surprisingly no rust or bondo. Still has nice wood for the top. it is aged but in good shape. As long as he will allow I will get pict
  8. NO. i can't reveal my client either. this is one that is off your radar. I can tall you it has driven all over the US. came from New Jersey a long long long time ago. BTW how you know I am in Denver?
  9. NO. i can't reveal my client either. this is one that is off your radar. I can tall you it has driven all over the US. came from New Jersey a long long long time ago.
  10. very nice. this is working out so well already.
  11. thanks Jeff. so I believe it is a 6-90. I know it is a boat tail and rag top. I work on a lot of vintage cars and trucks. this peerless has come to our shop for many years. we have always had great success at being able to come up with solutions to any issues that have come up. Until now. this pump is a stumpier. It looks like we will be having to have this machined. I found a local machinist we are going to be working with. I am excited about being on here. I have never signed up because I myself am not an owner. How ever you may be right I can share what I know with others as we
  12. thanks. it is looking like that is what I will have to have done. There is another question that I have. for the timing advance and throttle leavers. they brake so easy. I have found a couple but they seem to be made with the same cheep metal. have you ever had this issue?
  13. Hi I am Brian. I am working on a 27 peerless boat tail. the water pump shaft is now in two pieces. I am having a very very hard time coming up with parts for this car. does any one know a guy who knows a guy?
  14. Hi, I am Brian. I am working on a 1927 Peerless. Seems I may have to only one in the world. Most people I talk to tell me they have never heard of it. Nor do people find it in any part catalogs. Is there anyone out there that knows about Peerless?
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