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  1. I will have to say, my neighbor (Vance by the way), and his whole family, had a love for classic cars.Vance, up until recently had a Model A, and his brother a Model T. That still doesn't solve the mystery though since they were not the ones who acquired the wheels originally. It does makes me lean towards a car though. (Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the updated pictures, I just haven't gotten over there yet) Could someone tell me what other specifications you might need that would help, and if needed, what do I need to take pictures of that was not clear in the others. Than
  2. I'll go take more measurements with pictures and post them. Everyone has been so helpful and I really appreciate it. I feel like we're narrowing it down? Even if not, the possibilities given are all very interesting. My neighbor seems to think they came off of an automobile also because the outer rim looks like it held a tubular tire of some sort around it. I'll be back with more pictures and anymore information I can find. Thanks again!
  3. Ok! That is definitely a step in the right direction. I feel like I've learned more from your comment than the hours I've spent online. I really have no knowledge of antique or vintage wheels. Thank you for replying! It is much appreciated.
  4. I am trying to find out any information on these old metal wheels. They are 35" in diameter and the axle is 5" wide. My 83 year old neighbor said his father got them when he was a child but knows nothing else about them. Any help would be great!
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