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  1. 40 Limited

    Help with 1940 Limited

    John Yes it was fairly easy again I appreciate all the help here's a few photos
  2. 40 Limited

    Help with 1940 Limited

    oh yeah don't laugh as soon as I figure out how to post a photo of the car I will
  3. 40 Limited

    Help with 1940 Limited

    Wow, I wish my kids responded this quickly when I ask for something, I purchased a tune-up kit and a gasket set, at Kanter's they're located in Boonton New Jersey, If my wife allows me to have some time to myself, I'll do the tune up this weekend. As for my location I'm out in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.
  4. 40 Limited

    Help with 1940 Limited

    I appreciate the quick response thank you very much,
  5. 40 Limited

    Help with 1940 Limited

    A close friend of mine passed away. He left me his 1940 Buick Limited, as far as I can tell everything is all stock. I knew him for about 30 years and never seen him drive it, it always sat in the garage. The car runs but it sounds like it's misfiring on certain cylinders. Can someone please give me the firing order? I would be greatly appreciate it.