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  1. jamesa26reo

    1926 reo

    Hi Juha I am working on these for a friend. He bought the rusty one for parts but i don't think it would work for the rolling chassis . i going to need all body panels ,so I have got a project in ahead of me . Once i find out what exactly model the rolling one is i can go from there .
  2. jamesa26reo

    1926 reo

    Thanks Mark I appreciate it. It's been hard to find things on these cars. I am going to look through the pictures to see if i can see any that look like the ones i have here.
  3. jamesa26reo

    1926 reo

    Hi I am working on 2 1926 REO's 1 is a running restored engine and frame. The other is a rusty parts car. neither of them have a body I do not know much about these cars. so I need to find out the types i have they look similar but a few things are different .
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