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  1. Dear all,First of all to explain my problem, is to tell you guys I live in the Netherlands in Europe.I bought a 1953 buick super eight through a Belgian guy who imported it from California.I received a title with my purchase.In order to get a license plate here you need to pass a technical control and they will stamp the original VIN number in the frame if this has not been done yet.Unfortunately on the US title the engine number has been use as the VIN number.Therefor I need to proof that this engine number is linked to this body in order to get a license plate and go on the road.In other words I need to proof that the Title I have is linked to this car, not just the engine. If not I can not get my car road legal.Hereby all the information I have:(vin number at door style) 47022232Engine number (and also registered ID number on title) V1878315ID plate at engine bay1953 MOD 52style no 53-4519body BK9324Trim no 50Paint no 58Hopefully somebody can give me some precious info in order to get my license plateSincerelyJoey
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