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  2. it is from a 1990 shipping $20.00 thanks rick
  3. nsrick


    I can remember once seeing a list of all reatta that are registered but cant seem to find it now. Any help? thank you rick
  4. hate to sell it but life happens
  5. I have a very nice tan console lid for sale make me a offer $30.00
  6. please post pictures and price I am in Indiana
  7. due to some things beyond my control I regretfully need to sell my reatta 1990 select 60 90K miles runs excellent . the bad are abs light is on but brakes preform fine cd player not working radio plays fine no idea if tape player works cruise control not working trunk lock is there but needs attached I have a repair kit for it paint is thin looks good from 10 feet and has good shine there is no clear coat peel anywhere top is fair has fraying around cables no certificate, owners manual or select 60 paperwork the good new plugs wires and ECM fresh oil change and transmission fluid and filter new tires new front pads both repair manuals all wire splices under both seats have been re soldered seats are nice no tears but show wear headlight repair has been done runs, drives , shifts, and stops flawlessly A/C is ice cold heat is hot located in Liberty Ind close to Cincinnati, OH or Indy
  8. the plastic clip or lock that locks the convertible tonneau in upright position is broke. does anyone know where I could get one tried to show with pic there are no reattas in any yards near me
  9. my tonneau will not stay can you describe where this clip is located and is there only one
  10. that is one very nice reatta well worth the price
  11. I was considering the 91 that Bill Kay in Chicago has for sale, the car fax list it as a branded title true millage unknown. I agree with Cargirl that it looks to have more miles than listed
  12. resetting the computer by disconnecting the battery did work to allow it to take a charge but then the clutch started smoking so I guess I will be replacing it
  13. that's what I thought. It is not taking a charge. compressor clutch not engaging Any ideas what to check
  14. where is the low side charging port I see one near front of motor and one under the cowl shield not sure which is the one to add Freon
  15. my 1990 select 60 and few of my 2017 dodge daytona
  16. I am looking for a select sixty hood badge not wanting to pay the $1,100 asking price on ebay
  17. i had no problem using regular ratchet and socket from the top of car
  18. could you send pics of the inside and motor
  19. This what I did during the cold Indiana winter to the select sixty 1. changed plugs, wires, ECM , and new coil pack 2. replaced brake accumulator, brake pads, rear calipers and bled systems. 3. re soldered all ground wires under both seats, after doing this every electrical items are working except cd player and cruise control. 4. replaced the headlight arms and bushings with parts from Barney Eaton 5. changed oil, filter, transmission fluid and filter 6. replaced the 12 year old tires no more shaking above 45 MPH 7. installed replacement factory radio bought from scrap yard no more buzzing sounds from speakers 8. replaced headlight dash switch to replaced the original worn one bought from same scrap yard for 35.00 9. replaced front stabilizer bars 10. cleaned, polished and waxed. What is left is to change drive belt ( looks like motor mount may need to be remove) may change water pump while in there . might look into why cruise and CD are not working. The ABS light is on and sensor leads are frayed, one day I may fix but brakes work just fine and I do not really need ABS. After that enjoy top down warm weather. I bought the car in Sept 2017 drove the 220 miles home and parked to work on. After spending time working on the 60 I think that the miles of 89K must have been put on during the first part of life. The car I think has been parked and not used too much in many years, but well taken care of. It shows no rust at all, except the exhaust. I am just waiting for warm weather.