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  1. used but works fine $30.00
  2. worn but works $25.00
  3. I am from Cincinnati and recall Dugan Buick , there was a buick, olds, and Pontiac dealer in same block all independent dealers, my best friends father was the general manager of the Oldsmobile dealer Ed Whissel olds. I remember him coming home in all the new Oldsmobile mainly the new 66 toronado and olds 442s. my friend and I used to go with him on sundays when he would test drive all the trades that came in for the week. Good memories
  4. I find this really funny I work with someone who built a car similar to this using a chev cavalier and guess what they lived in Kentucky
  5. I think east coast reatta has them
  6. I have been looking into bidding on it you can hire a broker to bid but there are fees that total almost $900.00 plus transport to my location is $550.00 so that's $1450.00 cost. So just to start I am looking at 2950.00
  7. hard to tell what looking at from the pic is that the cradle hanging down?
  8. well it looks like only dealers can bid on this one
  9. I do think I will bid looking for opinions here I am thinking salvage title even if car was returned to mint condition the title would reduce price by about $4,000.00 maybe more considering what type of buyers would be looking at this. Just my thought is the car jumped a high curb at a medium speed 30-40 mph since both tires are blown but little damage to the bumper . I do see a fluid leak that is not coolant maybe transmission or steering rack. the unknown is suspension parts and engine carriage. Hardest part to find I think will be a flame red air bag red may be suitable but will never match well. this does answer one question about 30 year old air bags working THEY DO My thoughts are that I would use this as a parts car for my 90K mile select sixty a lot of good parts I could use to prefect mine. so any thoughts. I know we all want to see as many of these cars remain on road and thought of using a 12K mile car for parts may not be favorable to many. Please jump in will all your thoughts
  10. missed last digit on the select 60 vin 1G4EC33C1LB904674
  11. VIN 1G4EC33C1LB90467 there are 3 other reatta s on copart VIN 1G4EC13C0LB903147 VIN 1G4EC13L1MB900873 VIN 1G4EC13C3LB903210 I copied the add when it was for sale a few years ago 1990 Buick Reatta Select 60 Convertible on 2040-cars US $40,000.00
  12. looking over the old add when it was for sale this had all select sixty documentation and the select sixty hood badge, will be interesting to see what it sells for
  13. Same vin number car was listed for sale a while ago stating 4,000 miles and asking $40,000.00. At that time car was in Schaumburg Il.