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  1. What was the original finish? Chrome? Nickel?
  2. I'm trying to make some decisions on the colors to use on my interior. I've been using the 41-48 Ford Book as reference and it's just not that clear to me. Based on the Ford Book, the dash, steering & shifter columns and emergency brake handle should all be "light tan". The dash is a light tan color (except for the face which has been woodgrained), but the light tan doesn't match the sample in the Ford Book - my light tan has more yellow in it and maybe this is just print reproduction differences. The steering/shifter column and the bracket under the dash where the hood release knob i
  3. I'm looking for a flathead engine rebuilder located in the southeast. I'm in western North Carolina and want to find someone within a four hour drive. I'm working on a frame off restoration of a 1946 Ford Woody and am attempting to get as close to concourse as possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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