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  1. I am in Castro Valley. We will have to meet up at Elios sometime when they have a show. Working on getting time to change fluids and tune the vacuum tank and carb.
  2. Grimy - Might need your input more later as I might be in the way of a 1927 Pierce-Arrow to go with the Peerless. I am in California, are you nearby?
  3. You guys are hilarious......I needed the laugh. I could not get through half of you.......thank you all. You guys would be great sitting around with tinkering or sharing a beer. Being I have a Peerless/Carling Black Label. On a more serious note, I will get a chance to go through all your suggestions in December with a couple of days to change the fluids and clean her up. Now, if any of you "WISE GUYS" know much about the vacuum tank and carb settings also, lets start another talk about them. I open my shut off between the vacuum tank and carb and fuel pours out the carb. I have a old Dyke's maintenance book and the manual. I thin the float is flooded in the vacuum tank. Thoughts?
  4. I am new to your forum as our family has come into one 1927 Peerless and may have more 1920's cars coming. I need to find out what others are doing for oils and lubricants. I have read up on a few things: Oil - The manuals of the time listed the recommended oils as heavy/light depending on season. Many have recommended a 30W, 10w30 or 15w40. The concern I have is the detergent factor. I have seen the "Antique" car oil for sale with no detergent. There is the general detergent oils at our local parts house. What are others doing? Feel free to share other forum that may have previously discussed. Lubricants - The manual indicates 600w for different locations. What does that translate to for today's lubricants and is there a suggestion. Grease - Standard lithium? I need to get a Alemite greaase fitting also. Any recommended links to discussion or parts house is greatly appreciated also as I may have a Pierce-Arrow or Willys-Knight to work on soon.
  5. Gentleman - Your work does not go without notice, especially from this newby. You both have responded to this new owner and is appreciated. I have found in the organization that I have belongs to that if you can get 10% to participate, you are doing great. Considering the number of active Peerless and how spread apart they are, you have your hands full to get enough involved. As my wife has inherited her Peerlesss and her uncle has planted this interest in me, I will be reaching out more and maybe can support your needs. I look forward to the application in the mail and further discussions.