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    Mice repellent

    any ideas as to what actually works? I have used dryer sheets in the past and they actually chewed them- has anyone used those ultrasonic devices? thanks in advance Steve
  2. If this can’t be welded I’m going to look for a stock exhaust manifold it appears it’s a later one from the 40s
  3. Looks like i need a dodge manifold that dumps between cylinder 5 and 6 it appears its from the mid 40s up here is a pic of mine that was converted to dual exhaust- anyone have a stock one? needs to be the longer one 20 inches from top mounting hole to hole thanks in advance
  4. This has to be homemade what do you guys think? Hopefully it can be welded
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  6. I pulled the cover and all looks good there are 3 balls one under each shift plate I guess is what you would call it and one thats in the middle of the 2 plates-the ball in the middle looks tiny and what purpose does it serve?
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    thats what I need!!
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  9. thanks in advance I need a dual exhaust manifold for my 38 desoto-mine is cracked any help would be much appreciated I also would love to doll it up with a edmunds or similar finned cylinder head Steve
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    any chance for nos 1938 desoto hubcaps?
  11. Thank you im guessing I need to pull the trans or can I access while in the car?
  12. Any suggestions appreciated-pops out constantly I have to hold the shifter to keep it in gear-I have my eye on a used trans but if it does not pan out??
  13. As luck would have it my car just started to pop out of 3rd gear 😞 looking for a good used 3 speed or am I better off rebuilding the old one? if so who would I get the parts from?
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  16. For sure an amateur restoration but it will come out nice