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  1. Hello looking for a working dash power pack, sent mine out and they said not even good for a core and hope I could find one for less than $200 that they want. Also need the cover on the lower part of the column dome. Please let me know if you can help. I can pay by pay pal. John
  2. Group I'm in need of a power pack for my dash, I sent the old one to JC Auto and they told me it's not even good for the core. Does anyone have a good working one they would like to sell? JC wants $200 for one without a core, and that stings a lot. Please let me know I can pay with PayPal. thank you, john
  3. My Windsor has a 3 belt solid cast pulley under the generator which acts as an idler pulley. The bearing is bad in the pulley, is this a press in bearing and if so who may be able to tell me where to take it to have replaced. I'm in the Toledo, Ohio area Thanks, John
  4. I need to replace the trans mount but have some questions. The mount has a spring with a bolt through it, so how tight do you torque the bolt that holds the spring, also what does the rubber mount for the trans look like. The trans is the cat iron a466, any help
  5. I found the window crank but now need the left rear door glass channel that attaches to the regulator, if someone has both the channel and regulator as one that's fine also. The small guide wheel fell off mine and the channel is rust bad. Thanks again, John
  6. Hello I just purchased a 60 Windsor, I'm in need of the left rear door window crank. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, John