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  1. Thanks Everyone.Yeah,I don't understand all the inconsistency either.
  2. Thanks everyone.I knew Town and Country was wrong.
  3. Hi,everyone.A few months ago I bought a TC in Georgia.The title said Maserati on it from Georgia.I just had it transferred to Illinois and it came back Chrysler Town and Country on the title.Its the right vin number.Can anyone tell me how it's worded on their title.I don't want any problems down the road.Thanks.
  4. Thanks,yes I did find the part number you said.I will check it out.Thanks again.
  5. I have nothing on the front,so im really lost.What do i look for on ebay.Sorry,for the stupid questions.
  6. Yeah,i can of figured a original would be tough.Does the holder that you have really match the bumper?If so,how much it.Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone.I just aquired a1991 Chrysler TC and it doesn't have a front license plate holder.The suburb where I live,love to pull you over for little things like that.Does anyone have one to sell,or would know of a kind of replacement close to it.Thanks
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