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  1. Tom, the paint number is 506. It's called Windser Grey. The closest paint match I could get was Dupont Chroma Premier code MM351. It is a base/clear application
  2. The positive cable is too small. I have another on order. The engine was rebuilt about 2 years ago
  3. The positive cable is too small. I have another on order.
  4. Bud, the starter does have a band on it. The company I took it to is in the starter/alternator business so I am hoping they ran it through it's paces. The rebuilt engine hasn't run in 50 years. The struggling is definitely slower than any engine turnover I've ever seen other than with a dead battery. This battery in brand new.
  5. Jeff, the battery is groumded to the chassis. Bare metal. The starter is grounded to the chassis. Again bare metal. Numerous body to chassis grounds
  6. Thanks Bud. The engine was rebuit and painted. The starter has a ground strap to the chassis to ensure a good ground. I will need to check the size of the cable from the battery to the starter. The wiring harness was rebuilt due to the age of the original and upsized 1 wire size.
  7. I'm just finishing restoring a 37 Buick Special. It is stock down to the 6 volt electrical. I've noticed that the starter seems to struggle turning the engine over. I had the starter checked out at a reputable place before I installed it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Larry
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