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  1. Farmer Wayne

    Inline fuse links

    EXCELLENT! Thanks for the great info! 45+ years in the auto-body biz, didn't do a ton myself with the electrics, other than able to follow a diagram, when I needed. I,m in Upstate NY
  2. Farmer Wayne

    Inline fuse links

    One has burned the wire cover off, and they both have corrosion
  3. Farmer Wayne

    Inline fuse links

    Thank,s a bunch! Where can I find the fuse links?
  4. Farmer Wayne

    Inline fuse links

    Hey everyone! I'm restoring a 72 Buick GS Convertible, with a 455 engine, There are two inline fuses going to the large terminal on the starter, one a little heavier gauge than the other I have never run across those and wonder if I can replace them with replaceable fuses