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  1. What make vehical are these emblems?
  2. Need a 1956 buick century 322V8 carb. Rochester 4 jet #7009200
  3. Hi, i just purchased a 1956 buick century, 322 V8. I need the spark plug covers, and back up lights. I believe its a model 63. Thank you. Car is my profile photo.
  4. Wraith


    This is how she looks now. Just bought this car. Work in progress.
  5. Ok I will go with the ACDelco R43S since i have already purchased them. One more question then i should be good. Do I stay with the solid core wires when i replace them?
  6. The plugs i removed are AC44. The electrode's look brand new, not tan or white but black with no build up on them. The only reason i wanted to change them is because the engine has not been run since 1985 and the outter body of the plugs are badly rusted. Motor was turned over ever so often by the previous owner to prevent cylinder damage. Auto Zone and O'reilly auto parts computer's both say the ACDelco R43S is the correct replacement for the AC44. The electrode being longer is my only concern.
  7. Ok got it, i need all the knowledge i can get. I know the basics but this is a big help, thank you for your time.
  8. The auto parts store here sold me AC R43S plugs but they are about 1/8" longer and this frightened me.
  9. Just bought a "56" buick century with a 322 V8 and can't get the AC 44 plugs that were in it. What is a good replacement plug for the originals. Please help. Thank you.