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  1. Hello everyone...thanks so much for your replies. I knew that there were hybrid Pontiac / Chevs in Canada in the 50's and 60's ... didn't know this arrangement went back to the 40's. Cheers ...G
  2. Hi Folks, I have recently purchased a '47 Pontiac Torpedo back coupe. It has a 116" wheelbase, flathead 6, painted headlight trims, it has short front fender extensions on the front doors, it does not have the 3 raised bars along the lower fenders. I am not sure what model this car is? It seems like a parts bin twin of a Chev Fleetmaster ... can anyone help me with this cars identity? Thanks for the help! Glenn, Victoria BC Canada.
  3. Hello, I am new to this club and this forum. I just pulled a '47 Pontiac Torpedo back coupe from a barn near Victoria BC Canada. I am puzzled about the cars identity as it does not seem to fit the criteria for the documented models. My car has a 116" wheelbase... a flathead 6.... it does not have the 3 raised ribs at the bottom of the fenders... it has painted headlight trim rings... rectangular ( not square ) taillights with round back up lights below... it has the short front fender extensions on the doors...and the bumpers have only bumperettes not the additional pieces at the corners. It seems like this car is a parts bin twin of the Chev Fleetline. Just looking for more information should anyone out there have any comments. Thanks for your help ... Glenn.