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  1. Thanks I will print it out and send it down to my buddy.
  2. I have one like that, problem is the car is 400 miles away so it's hard to repair a car over the phone (landline) But thanks for the info.
  3. that's what he is thinking, but time will tell. I have printed out a lot of info on adjusting the brakes and on how to make a "ammaco 1750" tool. Hope this will help him as I don't see myself going in that direction (southern calif) any time soon. I'll post a fix if there is one in the near future.
  4. How would you know what length they should be. I don’t know if he still has the original parts he took off, but I will ask. It’s hard to communicate with him as he does not have email or mobile phone, can’t send or receive pictures ☹️
  5. Yea, I remember those days, the Mighty Mouse does it again. So back to the brakes, can’t think of anything that would work? I’ll just tell him to just keep on playing with it and sooner or later he will get it done .
  6. yes that is true, but this one has been set up with a small block chevy and auto trans, it's just a Saturday night cruiser.
  7. Thanks for all the replies,I'll pass the info on to my friend.
  8. I'm helping out a friend of mine that own's the car. He has tried repeatedly to get the brakes adjusted properly and has had no luck. I have sent him the info on how to adjust them and it seems it confuses him about 1/2 way thru, I would go and help him but he is 400 miles away in southern calif. I even sent write ups of how to make a tool to do this but he just doesn't get it which surprises me as he is a very capable mechanic, did maint. work for a large airplane builder so he's no dummy. He was asking about the newer drum brakes as he doesn't have the money to spend on a disc update which is around a $1000 or so and a couple days of work on his back, he's in his mid 80's. I am sending him some more write up's on adjusting the brakes tomorrow and hopefully that will help. He has replaced all he brake components, shoe's, w/c's , m/c, ect. Has the arrows pointing in the right direction.
  9. I have a 52 ply coupe and I was wondering if later style drum brakes would fit this car. I want to get away from the lockheed brks and use something more user friendly. I don't want the expense of a disc brk conversion, I just can't afford it. Thanks for any help.
  10. Dekka brand makes a very good battery. they do make a 6 volt battery, I have two of them in my travel trailer, hooked up in series.
  11. After 45 years I am finally going to put my 36 t-14 low cab together. the truck is in fairly decent shape body wise, although I am looking for two pieces of cab repair panels. I need the left rear corner lower and right front lower cab between cab and firewall. Dose anybody have these used/new or know where I might be able to acquire them? Thanks for everybody's time in reading this post. Steve
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