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  1. If there REO the first parts I'll design them for free!
  2. I would like to purchase your frame of rust parts. FYI it's a 1913 or later REO. Please let me know. Thanks, Mike
  3. Larry, I did get the flywheel off! This crankcase you can pull the crankshaft and flywheel out as a subassembly. Then I stood it up in a wood frame and hit the end the crankshaft with a sled hammer. That separated it.
  4. That's a Remy 4 starter motor and they where an option on 1913 REO. If you want to sell it let me know.
  5. Larry, I have a 1915 REO engine I have been trying to disassemble. The flywheel is stuck on the crankshaft. A lot of heating and beating hasn't budge it. How did you get yours off?
  6. Sir, I would like to buy a tank. And it not for resale, will be used on a 1913 REO. Do you have the brackets? Mike
  7. Sir. I am interested in a couple of carburetors, horn and some of your lights. Where do you store all of parts? I am in a northern suburb of Detroit. Mike
  8. Brent, It not a REO the fifth, That covers years 1911 to 1917. From the sheet metal the car is later that 1917. I would say the car is from the 20's. But I can't id the vehicle. Mike
  9. You have 2 carburetor that I can use in one of your photos.
  10. Sir, I am looking for brushes and springs for a 4 Remy electric 12 V motor. Made in the teens. Mike
  11. I have a Brass era car. What are you asking for it? Or did you decided to keep it.
  12. Remy 4 Starter motor; planning to install into a 1913 REO. Please see attached Photos! I know it fits since all the mounting holes line up between the starter motor and frame. I am also sure this was used by different automotive manufactures. I would like to thank who ever replies in advance. The variety and amount of expertise on this forum is astounding. Any way a few questions on how to get this starter motor assembly to work! 1. How do you get all the corrosion and crud out of the frame of the electric motor. See attached! 2. I am missing the linkage between
  13. Terry, I have a REO The Fifth if you want that badge to find a good home let me know. Mike
  14. My 1913 REO has that same kind of joint. Like Mark says you need to slide back a sheet metal covering.
  15. T Brown, I bought the 1913 REO that was for sale on Craiglist in the Columbus Ohio area. If you want to sell the engine let me know. It would make a great spare.
  16. I bought the 1013 REO that was on Craig List. I am not sure if this is the deal ship your interested in or not.
  17. I have disassembled and reassembled W-K 20 and Model 56 engines. The WKOR Club has a very good instruction book on how to disassemble these engines.
  18. Greg, Been awhile since I have peek on this site. So what happen with W-K? Does the engine spin? If not keep soaking it with oil and patients. Mike
  19. It's alive! After spending fifty some years in a barn the REO runs again. One of nice things about being retired is you have time for a project like this. Still have a list of engine issues but I know it runs and don’t think it needs babbit work or major machining. This car has only twenty-eight thousand miles on it. Well, here’s the list of what it took to get it to run; some of the repair where per good advice from fellow AACA member’s. 1. Replaced all the rocker arm roller with Delrin plastic, I think it had Phenolic, the rollers are not metal.
  20. Greg, Did you buy W-K Model 20? FYI; I own one. Does it run? Mike
  21. 1913 REO as is pictures. Yea, I bought the 1913 REO, it cried out to me, so I bought it. Vehicle was stored in Chivington's, Marion Ohio, auto sales showroom till sometime in the 60's. Then in a barn! I saw the REO in Craiglist ad and it called out to me! Has some earlier repairs and modification, also all the brass was taken off the car at some time, lights, gas generator, etc. Two guys from Marion sold it to me; one was into antique motorcycles and the other had a collection of tractors. Then bought at an estate sale. And like a lot or "restores",
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