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  1. I bought this 70k miles 1976 Electra Pk Ave Edition in December, 2018. I am the 3rd owner. It was originally a MN car.
  2. My parents owned a 1971 Buick Centurion with the first windshield antenna so I am familiar with this setup. It had an AM radio and had good reception even though we lived in a rural setting. We owned GM cars after this with the same setup as well as ones after this car with the automatic power antenna. I have the build sheet for the car so I know it was ordered with the factory automatic antenna (a first year) AND I have removed it from the car. It is a factory power antenna (motor burned up). I will verify the windshield date but just wondered if anyone out there KNEW if the
  3. My 1974 Buick LeSabre convertible has a factory power antenna but I noticed it also has a windshield antenna (wires embedded in the center of the windshield). Does anyone know if this was common to have both types of antenna in a power antenna car? I think my windshield has NOT been replaced; it appears original. I know the power antenna is original from the build sheet / order form from Sloan Museum for this car. I also know because I removed the power antenna and it is period correct with GM stampings, etc. It has/ had a burned up motor but Barney Eaton repaired it with a replacement mo
  4. I recently purchased a 1974 LeSabre Luxus Convt with the VIN "W" and have now verified from Sloan Museum it is a factory Stage 1 car. This car is fairly well optioned with Auto Climate Control, dual power seats, Cruise Control and first year Delay wipers. It even has a factory Class II trailer hitch and wiring. It was ordered from the Sitton Buick dealership in Greenville, SC for a local orthopedic surgeon at the time it was new. I am the 4th owner and the 3rd owner inherited it. I located the original owner and he is 87 now. He remembered this car and said it was the last Ameri
  5. I have the opportunity to buy a 1973 Buick Electra 225 2 dr. with ONLY 1,667 miles on it. The current owner wants $22k for it but I think that is high. High Retail shows $7 to $8k dollars. I am thinking $10k MAX! I know the value is in the low mileage; not the car itself since it is not a collectible. It has most options but is not what I consider loaded. It is a triple Burgundy color car with the deluxe wheel covers and the original tires (Flat). It has been stored indoors it's entire time. Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts?
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