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  1. Thank you for the Waldron's suggestion. I'll report back after our mechanic calls them.
  2. Does anyone have ideas about finding a new muffler (R) for '63 Riviera with 425? Our muffler mechanic replaced the Left a few years ago and thinks that manufacturer stopped making them. Any clue to a new source would be helpful.
  3. @RockinRiviDad I know more about photos than cars. Suggest you google “How do I remove EXIF data from [your device]?” You’ll find easy directions, whether you use an Android phone, iPhone, windows computer, or Mac. While Facebook and eBay remove location data, this site may not, but you can easily remove before posting.
  4. @petelempert thank you, broken cable seems possible too @Mr Riviera thank you, transmission shop is the next stop! I saw in another post that putting in Reverse moves linkage out of the way. Sound right?
  5. Thank you for replying. I called. They suspect the gears at the transmission end of the cable. They don’t need to drop the transmission, but estimate 2.5 hours to get to the gears. They say they need to see the color to know which part to order. Any further comment would be great!
  6. SPEEDOMETER REPAIR: NECESSARY TO REMOVE TRANSMISSION? Hi, I'm new to the forum and really impressed with the wealth of knowledge here! Our family '63 Riviera's speedometer is not working. The local shop says it must drop the transmission to repair. Is that necessary? Thanks!
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