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  1. I will try to clear things up for everyone. I am Chris Dittes, VP of Ames Rubber Mfg. We purchased the remaining assets of Karr Rubber after it's shut down. We heard that the equipment was available from the property management company for the location. Because the building needed to be cleared out, they had contacted various rubber companies to see if there was interest. We were interested in a particular piece of machinery for our Tennessee manufacturing location, so when the auction for the entire lot of assets occurred, we were the winning bidder. We shipped some of the equipment to Tennessee, and we moved the remaining tooling, extrusion products, and casting equipment to our Los Angeles location. Some machinery that we did not need was scrapped. In the same time period, we were contacted by Jose Luis Arteaga to produce some extrusion. In dealing with him, we learned that he was Mr. Karr's key production employee. He and his wife had worked there a very long time, and he was the main guy that made the tooling and products for Mr. Karr. Jose is also the person that knows the most about the products Karr Rubber sold. It seems that he and Mr. Karr had agreed that he could take some of the tooling he needed to try and continue making parts for his customers. Jose has the capability to make casting molds out of silicone, and to cast urethane and resin parts from these molds, and to create assemblies using extrusion he purchases. This is the method they had used to make most of the parts they sold. Since Karr has closed, we have extruded quite a few jobs for Jose Luis, so he could make window parts for his customers. (ex-Karr customers I assume) So far, it seems Jose Luis is a good guy, and very knowledgeable of specialty automotive reproduction parts. I have seen his work. He knows his stuff. There is nothing questionable in his attempt to continue servicing Karr's customer base There was quite a bit of tooling left there. Many extrusion dies, and lots of cast silicone molds. We have all this remaining tooling currently at our Los Angeles location, and are trying to sort through it all. Unfortunately, there was no identification on any of the molds, and no catalog system that we could find to associate extrusion dies or molds to any particular customer. Without knowing what each mold is for, it is likely that we will be discarding the bulk of them. (We have limited storage space available, or we would keep them.) It is a shame that better records weren't kept by Mr. Karr. As far as Ames Rubber Mfg. goes, we have many years of rubber manufacturing experience. We specialize in rubber extrusion, molding, die cutting, lathe cutting, and splicing. Please see our website We are able to create tooling, and extrude profiles to custom specifications. We do make automotive reproduction parts, but mostly in bulk, not for small restoration projects. We service many automotive clubs, and specialty restoration businesses. We would be happy to discuss any project, and even look for existing tooling while we have it here. We are working closely with Jose Luis on some work he has, and we would be happy to discuss any other projects with him if it helps facilitate someones restoration. As far as Craig Karr goes, we never had the pleasure of meeting him. I'm sure he was an interesting gentleman. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for any rubber related needs. Chris Dittes Ames Rubber Manufacturing 4516 Brazil St. Los Angeles, CA 90039 818-240-9313