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  1. Morgan, I have been following your posts for the past few days and I feel your pain. I was able to remove only 8 of the 12 valve cages and I too broke my Buffum tool trying to remove one of the stuck cages. The tip on the small hook broke off and I had to get it welded. Currently, the remaining 4 cages are soaking in the 50/50 acetone/brake fluid mix you suggested and I have pressure on one of the springs with the Buffum tool. It's been soaking for just over 24 hours, but no success as of last night. I also have a significant amount of carbon build up on the pistons and valves. In fac
  2. I was told it was in a barn for the past 40 - 50 years in Vineland, NJ. and it was a single family owner.
  3. Here are a few photos of my 1922 Buick 22-45 that I have recently purchased. Progress is moving forward but very slowly. The discussions and tips have been extremely valuable. Thank you everyone for the comments.
  4. To Don's point, the engine is still seized so that wouldn't work for me at this point.
  5. I don't know where to start, there have been so many interesting and helpful comments. Thanks to Terry, I was able to have a set of cage nut removal tools made and they worked great. I also have the "Buffum" valve cage removal tool, which is supposed to remove the whole assembly, valve, cage and spring in one shot. However, since it's been probably forever since the cages were removed they are not budging. The next step is to remove the spring and use the special nut that goes onto the valve stem and use the puler to pull it up that way. Thank you very much for the "heads up" regarding no
  6. Thanks Mark, but I am looking for the tool to remove the castellated cage retainer nut. Also, with respect to the 50/50 mixture what is ATF?
  7. Thanks Glen, I did think of that and it seems to be free, although the shaft is in rough shape.
  8. Hello Larry, I was told you are the man to speak to regarding the special tool necessary to remove the valve cages from my 1922 model 22-45, 5 passenger touring car. Can you assist me with locating the tool? It looks like there are two sizes. I'm trying to unseize the engine. I loaded it up with Kroil and it's been soaking for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to remove the valves to possibly get a better look at the top of the pistons, which when I discovered I need this special tool. Feel free to contact me any time at 914-325-1914.
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