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  1. By the way, even though I am not responding to every post, I am reading, absorbing and reflecting upon all of them. I really appreciate everyone's feedback.
  2. Anybody have additional thoughts on the Corvair linked above on this page? I know it is a bit outside the scope of this thread, but I showed it to my wife and she took a bit of a shine. My personal preference is the fury, but I think she likes the look - and the price - of the corvair.
  3. Mike, my friend, I honestly have no idea. I'm just spending my time drooling over car after car. I'm like junior high kid who just discovered girls. What's my favorite? What am I looking for? All of them.
  4. Thoughts on this one? https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/cto/d/1963-chevrolet-corvair-monza/6347730273.html
  5. Another question: what's the best way to drive these cars? I don't want to show up at some of these sellers' doors and ask for a test drive without any serious intent to buy, but I definitely want to gain experience with 'feel'. Thoughts?
  6. All right guys, a lot to digest. I think I've learned that I will be able to use this car for six months, and will have to store in in the garage for six. This isn't a huge deal because I have young kids, and would have to keep a back up vehicle to cart them around in anyway It does, however, push the timeline back monetarily. Probably a couple of years from now, which is plenty of time for me to expose myself to various makes and models from this time period, all of which I will be happy to report back on. Thank you all so much for the guidance.
  7. Okay, guys. Tell me your thoughts on this one: https://dayton.craigslist.org/cto/d/1963-fury-plymouth/6359578978.html
  8. Hi Bob, Here is an example of a $500 turntable: http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/thorens-td-160-super-333.html It's a thorens td160. It was manufactured in the golden days of turntables, the early 70s. Specifically, it's value springs largely from the same source as classic cars: performance and aesthetics. This table has very low vibration, a high quality low-mass tonearm and high quality electrical mechanics. This combines to create a reasonably pure audio image. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are record needles out t
  9. Wow, thanks for the feedback, guys. Here's the typical car that catches my eye. What do you all think? https://classiccars.com/listings/view/634529/1964-chevrolet-bel-air-for-sale-in-lake-park-iowa-51347
  10. Thanks guys. I learned to tinker with receivers, amps and turntables, so I am sure I will get the hang of doing simple work on my car when - or if - I get one. I just wanted to underscore my lack of knowledge going in to this.
  11. Greetings to all. I am an appeciator of old things. Up to this point, my main point of emphasis has been old stereos. Cars have never been a concern nor interest of mine. I find nothing at all intriguing about modern automobiles and I am not mechanically knowledgeable. However, of late I have found myself falling in love with early-sixties sedans. I woukd love to purchase a Fairlane, Catalina or Biscayne from this era, but I am weary. This is way more to contemplate than a $500 turntable. Since I am not mechanically inclined, I obviously don't want a project...but th
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