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  1. Your answer contains an extremely condescending tone. Now I remember why I left here years ago. You and others like you are the reason these forums and old car guys are also becoming obsolete. Perhaps some grammar lessons should have been included. Furthermore, it you were not so full of yourself, perhaps you would have read and comprehended the part where I included the linings made thicker to accommodate machining. I'll remove the Me and My Buick thread and not be back.
  2. Okay, there could be some misstatement and misinterpretation as information is handed down. So you are stating .060 over linings for a 63 were available in 1963?
  3. I was told, original equipment brake shoes are arched to fit the OEM drum specification. Supposedly, every decade ( or so) either the brake lining was manufactured 'thicker' to accommodate the drums being machined as part of a proper brake job or, the later versions were re-ached to accept the OEM lining thickness. Anyone know about this?
  4. Thanks Gary. FWIW she was born right here in Flint, MI a VV color code with white interior. 🙂
  5. Installing a modern 650 such as the Edelbrock AVS2, I may not gain power, but certainly won't lose any. #1. My concern is the AVS2's throttle link ball location working with this throttle rod length/position for my Electro-cruise set up. #2. The metal fab required to use the stock correct air cleaner. I wish the OP all the best in his EFI conquest.
  6. Resonators, straight and over the axle pipes are NOS, as is the Buick transverse muffler. Head pipes and tail pipes were bent from 'cards' by Marty. I procured the exhaust hangers from James and rebuilt them using conveyor belt. 1" whitewalls by Diamondback. All internal engine parts from Russ. Driveshaft by Tom @ Precision, Rear axle by DTS, Dynaflow by Leale's in San Jose, CA. 80's style 3 core with Harrison tanks. The car had fixed fan, no shroud and aluminum radiator, explaining the overheating that caused the block to crack. I've always ran 4 cores in these cars. On a 96 degree day with 88% humidity she reached 235 sitting in traffic running the AC. I've had Nailheads run 250 and as Russ said, they'll do that and its not uncommon. New springs from Eaton all front end components, rebuilt steering box. NEW power steering pump, don't get a rebuild, the new ones offered on Rock Auto must run a slightly stiffer spring and although the car retains its 'one finger' steering, its slighter tighter and feels somewhat modern. Now that I have my driver. My next project is a 62 Invicta or LeSabre convertible with a Wildcat console and floor shift bucket seat car. Thinking 401 with dual Snipers and modern transmission or 5.3 with 6 speed & 323's. My 2016 Silverado with that configuration pulled the Wildcat from Staten Island through the PA hills home to Mid MI with ease, it'll propel the big Buick well.
  7. Never installed 1963 4400-4800 Guide Matic. Phototube unit retains its original ruddy brown primer. A fun piece to have on the shelf.
  8. Hey guys, my first Buick was a 69 GS400. At the time, the car was only 15 years old. Many Buicks later my daily driver Michigan weather permitting is a 63 Wildcat. Cold AC and heat. Power windows, seat, antenna, top. Cornering lamps, remote trunk release, Wonderbar radio conversion, Buick vanity mirror and tissue dispenser. Tilt steering column. Electro-cruise and Guidematic added. Just rolled over 7k on everything new, rebuilt or NOS from radiator to rear axle. The only other mods on this car besides FM/AM USB BT2 conversion are the stock speaker locations housing Retrosound speakers. Oh, and the long horns are also incorrect and 63 offered 4 note horns on the 4900 only. This car was treated badly. Cracked block, Ohio salt and a deer along dash wiring harness fused from clock to fuse box including the instrument panel printed circuit board burned. If you ever wondered what installing 'cruise' on your Wildcat looks like...........lol Yes the brake pedal bracket had to come out, the AC box would not allow me to extract the pivot bolt.
  9. Since the topic is basically asking for best 4 barrel carb for a stock 401 and the OP is going EFI. I'd like to continue on to something resembling an answer. Perhaps knowing the CFM Buick used on their 63 401's would be a start.
  10. A few years ago I sent Barney 3 65 Rivi antennas and he sent me back one excellent and one very nice perfectly functioning units. I just sent him a 63 Wildcat antenna for my convertible and 2 donors for parts. Based on my prior experience Barney is going to do another fine job.
  11. The ad title is: Wanted: 1963 Buick Wildcat convertible. Shows a picture of a white car with a red interior. Vehicle is described as having a 'camel coloured interior'. The photo is a screen shot from Hemmings. I'll look into it anyway. Thanks for passing on the information.
  12. I am in the USA. USA and Canada cars only. 5172312009. I have expanded my search: 1963-1966 Wildcat convertible. Also interested in a 62 Invicta, LeSabre or Electra convertible. 64 LeSabre convertible with full length side body molding.
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