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  1. Your answer contains an extremely condescending tone. Now I remember why I left here years ago. You and others like you are the reason these forums and old car guys are also becoming obsolete. Perhaps some grammar lessons should have been included. Furthermore, it you were not so full of yourself, perhaps you would have read and comprehended the part where I included the linings made thicker to accommodate machining. I'll remove the Me and My Buick thread and not be back.
  2. Okay, there could be some misstatement and misinterpretation as information is handed down. So you are stating .060 over linings for a 63 were available in 1963?
  3. I was told, original equipment brake shoes are arched to fit the OEM drum specification. Supposedly, every decade ( or so) either the brake lining was manufactured 'thicker' to accommodate the drums being machined as part of a proper brake job or, the later versions were re-ached to accept the OEM lining thickness. Anyone know about this?
  4. Thanks Gary. FWIW she was born right here in Flint, MI a VV color code with white interior. 🙂
  5. Installing a modern 650 such as the Edelbrock AVS2, I may not gain power, but certainly won't lose any. #1. My concern is the AVS2's throttle link ball location working with this throttle rod length/position for my Electro-cruise set up. #2. The metal fab required to use the stock correct air cleaner. I wish the OP all the best in his EFI conquest.
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