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  1. On 8/5/2020 at 7:51 AM, Hubert_25-25 said:



    If you text photos to my phone I will post them and help you move some of what you have.  Do you have a  recent photo of your car and any stacks of parts.  Hugh

    ok i will its being tuff right now 

    every time i try to put a pic on this form it says file to big even 

  2. On 4/15/2018 at 1:02 PM, Larry Schramm said:


    hi man i can not belive it has took so long to get back to my project .

    God willing i would like to build a new shop where ? next to new house not yet built 

    that way i can get back to restoring some more old Buicks  

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  3. On 7/10/2020 at 6:35 AM, Hubert_25-25 said:

    Helping a friend liquidate some inventory.  Kyle Sliger is moving across the country and would like to get rid of his 2 extra cars.  Most everything that he has is 1924 and 1925 Buick Master.  These parts cars came with his 1925-44.   He may also sell his 1925-44.   He is located in Sanger California which is near Fresno.   I am going to post some pictures.  He claims that he has enough parts to put together one car.  He might be able to deliver to North Carolina or enroute, although I know he would prefer to have someone pick them up. 


    what I have listed, 

    1924-45 5 passenger touring (not sure if he has the doors)

    1925-40 Sedan with no top covering (SOLD)

    1927-47 light green, bar connecting headlights is below the headlight buckets. 


    If interested ask for details.  1-559-708-0668



    the top picture is the only car left and the master roadster  + all parts 29000

  4. i have 30 feet of 3 tear shelfing coverd with 1925-1926 parts 3 exhaust manifold  5 water pipes for on top of head 

    2 --h2o2 pumps  2 brand new heads still in the rwaper 3 cluthes  2 tranys you could eat off of both cars have the soft tops you 

    4 brand new tires for 1925  .

    i never thought i would move . 

  5. and the  master roadster and all the parts is up for 29000 thats a deal like 3 extra motors 3 extra trans 4 raideator 2 hoods 

    5 gas pumps  4 starters 5 cams 4 new timing gears you would need 3 car trailers the 2 1925 buicks 4 door and roadster and 2 trailers for the parts  

     moving them 2800 miles don't sound fun to me  along with all my other stuff 

  6. On 12/4/2017 at 4:57 PM, dibarlaw said:


     Great work on your wood. We love your enthusiasm for this type of work. I also know of several Master series roadsters out there in need of wood. Our problems are that some of these folks have been picking away at redoing the wood for many years and have lost interest by lack of progress. Maybe by doing CNC wood components from yours these abandoned projects may come alive again

     Keep up the great work.


    i wish , wish  i had a little more time after working at the machine shop for 100 hr a week just not much left --kyle 

  7. Thanks 

    I did help him he seamed to not have any money to spend to get his parts  wile he was at my house . i found the oil pump parts for him but did not find a coupler for him told him it would only take 15 20 min to make it at my shop but we were at my house and it is not set up  as  awesome . I gave him the parts for 10.00  mostly free  .

    I like helping but really bared in machine work .

         I desisted  to get my 1932 running boy it felt good to work at home on my stuff.

    I guess . I have just been bummed out sense my son moved to the east coast  I figurine .  better get back to my Buick at least a day a week would get it done .


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  8. I have been real busy . as my son has handed back the machine shop back to me .

        I will soon be back at It fixing my 1925 just a little bit more to change and i will have time for my hobby's a gin  --Kyle 

      I have been cleaning my machine shop up 50 Ton of left over shafts  and steel plate i have took to the scrap yard in the past 2 month . Man the price so steel is down to nothing and the price of steel went up 400 percent in the last 6 weeks . I cant wate till are steel foundry's are up and running it will help a lot .


  9. On 10/31/2017 at 1:00 AM, sligermachine said:


    i am going to sale the other buicks not my 1925-44 the rest . i am moving my machine shop it is going to take a wile .my son is tired of the stupid moves by CAL. on the $$$ to register cars  as we have a lot of them 

  10. I pour casting with my foundry it is a grate tool . 30 lb brass and a line boring tool is relay not needed not with my milling machines .I just don't have the time to set it up . 

    Soon i will .  I have a few 1925 blocks to work with .just no free time summer is are run-run -run  time .

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