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  1. Wondering if anyone can give some input on a good asking price for this motor. Came with my 31 50 series but I'm not going to be using it. Runs as far as I know. Turns and is fairly complete. Still has BOL from shipping company in the south. Just need to know if anyone knows what they sell for. Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks.
  2. It is nice. Just want to be able to drive it, and stop if I need to. I'm definitely looking at all my options at this time.
  3. Hey there. New to the Buick world. Just picked up a 31 60 series. (I think). Doing a little resto work, changing the drive train etc. The car is in great shape, I love the way it looks so I'm just going to make it a driver. No cutting. I'm wondering what the best avenue for selling some parts would be? Classifieds on here? Or another site? Any input would be awesome.
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