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  1. I have a pair of autolite horns I want to use on my 1941 Plymouth coupe. Most of the horns have dome-shaped covers on the end to protect the diaphragm and electrical connections, but mine do not. (Nor do a second set I also own.)


    My question: are the horns shown in this photo missing the dome covers or are they simply a different model horn.F250DBA2-F17E-4802-9156-CDAE82D187A3.jpeg.6a99c493a67c6483a8214082f55c8d0e.jpeg

  2. Can someone out there in cyberspace tell me how to remove the straps holding the tank to the body without ruining the straps?   Loosening the nuts on the trunk floor seems to twist the straps and I am afraid I will be unable to reuse.  Any suggestions?

  3. Thank you for the suggestion!  I will see if I can find him.  I appreciate you're taking the time to respond.



    addendum:  Just got off the phone with Nunley and I am happy to report he is still kicking and still working.  Price went up a bit but...whatcha gonna do?

  4. Thanks....All of the google posts seem to be for new vehicle running boards (trucks) only.  I went to Andy Bernbaum, Steele, and Hemmings without luck.  I know I have seen them offered in Hemmings in the past, but can't seem to find the advertisements now that I need them.

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