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  1. thanks for the confirmation, was just hoping for quick fix. 20 hours job?
  2. Hi, i am going to change the rear axle gearing on my 1940 series 50. Do i need to take of the rear axle or is there another way? Take care. -morten-
  3. hi, is the transmission the same on the 1940 super and 1941 spesial? take care. -morten-
  4. Well, luckly your old one could be reused. Fine that you could return the faulty core.
  5. Thats just great, and rather good timing also.
  6. Wisegrip is a good tool for situations like this.
  7. Hi, if one remove the hood, need one to remove the waterpump? -m-
  8. Have not removed mine yet, but here is how i am told by the helpfull Daves1940Buick56S: ** If you want to pull the radiator the hood has to come off. The hood's a little dynamic once loose so it's best to do with 3 people, one on the front. The grille does not have to come off. The top piece over the radiator is part of the shell and front clip and does not come off. To remove the radiator, pull the water pump and remove the hood. Then take out the bolts holding the radiator on to the shell and lift up and back towards the top of the engine. It takes 2 people although I have
  9. i use electric ones my selves. a small 6v-12v converter costs next to nothing, and can be used for gps and other items.
  10. migth do 30 minutes if it is raining.
  11. yes it cools nicely. (but only the first 20 minutes, full of gunk i think).
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