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  1. Thanks for the reply,On the back of the bar there are 4 mounting holes that are not on center with the bar ,I need to know if the offset is towards the hood or towards the bumper. Thanks, Sid
  2. After being in chrome shop jail for over 20 months I am trying to put the grill and all the other pieces back together when looking at the center bar I see the mounting holes are off set not on center with the bar, what way does the bar mount with the offset towards the hood or towards the bumper? I am mounting this in my garage and can't stand back and get a good look at it. Thanks for the help SID
  3. thanks I am in the process of repair
  4. It would be easier to replace with new, will have to remove old wire and soder before I can rewire and soder the new wire to switch. Sid, no easy way on this car so far.
  5. I need to replace or rebuilt the turn signal switch, can the switch be bought? Sid
  6. I sprayed some w d40 on switch and let it soak overnight and it came loose, now the blook says to remove shield at steering column ,looks like to me there are a lot of things have to removed to remove shield am I right? The book doesn't show shield ,not a real good design on removal of switch. Sid
  7. Thanks for the reply and on the other instructions, I can not get cylinder out by the way the book says to do it won't budge
  8. I am rewiring my 55 century and need to remove ignition tumbler and have tried to remove like the book says and it wont budge , I was wondering if any of you have had this and have away to remove? Thank You, SID
  9. Thanks everybody on the reply ,it will sure help. Thanks, Sid
  10. What one did you buy ? How did you decide on what one to buy? Was there a number or what car was it for? Thanks, Sid
  11. Tanks does not make gas tank for 55 Buick, have any of you bought any tank from them that will work? Thanks , Sid
  12. Where to buy new gas tank for 55 century ? Thanks-----SID
  13. Need to buy new side molding clips for my 55 Century 2 door Hardtop, any one have a list of what ones I will need and where to purchase? Thanks Sid
  14. Fireball, thanks for the reply on the regulator ,but I found out mine is all right , it was me that was wrong. Thank you --Sid