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  1. Does anyone know this car. It has been in Sweden from 1932 to about 10—15 years ago. The picture is from 1968 at a car show. I have been told that the car now is in the Chicago area. If someone recognizes it and know we’re it is to day I would be glad. The color picture is from abut the same time the black/white is older, maybe 30-ties . //Henrik, Sweden
  2. I think it looks lika fore a conti L-8. It is not for REO that doesn't have dubbel barrel carb. Derivates of het engine was used in many cars and vary a little. Ruxtons are different as they are front wheel drive and have the engin turned 180. Manifold i like but not far away... se pictures in this Ruxton threrad. Picture from REO R800 -31 //Henrik Ogstedt
  3. Hi. I just bought this engine from Per. I hope we can get a little more information about it when we take it apart. Seems to have a lot in common with the 18s that are in Ruxton. The engine is stuck but it isn´t very rusty in cylinders so i hope we will get i turning soon. I have now oiled upp every part i can reach.... I will try to get more information of the car that it came from. It was a Reo 8-21 och 8-25 1931so if it was chopped up in WWII it wasn't very old. Thansk for the contact to Gerry/Jerry/Gerald... Henrik Ogstedt Gothenburg Sweden.
  4. Hej Per Vi är just i uppstarten på ett REO-projekt i Göteborg. Det är en Flying Cloud ca 1930 med 6a i ett bedrövligt och okomplett skick. Vi samlar diverse delar och är du intresserad av att sälja delar eller rubbet av REO-delar så hör gärna av dig. Mvh Henrik Ogstedt 0702-013270 Sorry for the post i swedish. We got a REO project and would be interested in parts.