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  1. I have a restored dash panel and glove box door if you’re interested just let me know I’ll send pictures thanks
  2. Thanks for nothing Had I known this site was full of a bunch of assholes I would have never joined and no wonder why younger people aren’t getting into the club
  3. I’m looking for Left and right 53 Buick special front shock absorbers/upper control arms for my Beater looking for some in usable condition that don’t require a rebuild.
  4. I’m looking for some front shock absorbers for 53 Buick special for my beater does anyone have a usable as is set That I can use without a rebuild?
  5. I found what looks like a marble under the seat embedded in the floor and I don’t know what this thing is any ideas? The floor was badly rusted and not much else around it .
  6. Thanks for the information guys I guess I’ll start bending up some tubing Again thank you !
  7. Thanks... I understand this pump only puts out five or six psi .
  8. I have a 53 special with a straight eight still 6 V having vapor lack problems . Planning on running the Carter 4259 pump do I need a fuel pressure regulator and I’m also running it through the stock fuel pump .
  9. It will roll in neutral and it only does it upon start up . And the transmission linkage just needs a slight adjustment maybe one turn ,.
  10. hi guys need help again 1953 roadmaster with a Dyna flow transmission. fluid backs up in the dipstick tube while running and in park any clues about what’s going on? And transmission fluid is below normal level while idling in neutral . Thanks for any help or suggestions .
  11. Thanks everybody for the info I think I’m going to start with an electric fuel pump and see how that goes
  12. No it’s new gas I’m wondering if it’s the ethanol because it hasn’t done it before until these new ethanol blends came out .
  13. Hopefully someone out there can help me my 53 on warm days when the Engine is warmed up as I’m driving down the road will stop running the only way I can restart the engine is if I put a wet rag on top of the fuel pump as soon as I do that the engine will run fine until the rag dries out any suggestions? Thanks
  14. looking for KLM Mitchell or chief frame dimensions let me know what you have hanging around thanks again
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