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  1. Hey , Thanks for all the info, do you have a contact on Cosdal . also need to have a 1912 car shipped to the U.S. from Queensland Australia .Thanks
  2. I have a 1912 auto that I need to have shipped from Buenos Aires Argentina to the U.S.A . Does anyone know of a good company to have that done . Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the infor to get the car back to the great USA , after 104 years later !
  4. yes , I own a old car factory and did them in the parking lots .also restored over 100 antique machines hooked for 250 ft lineshaft belted to the machines 28 gas pumps most are all pre-1914 in last two years . (marathon village .com)
  5. we purchased our hoses new from scotty's gas pump company and we stain the white hose and clear coat it to make it look old . good luck ! Thanks
  6. you would order your per-fab by how many windows on the front are the sides . built my station off of this photo but smallest you could get in 1915.
  7. we just finished up my 1915 pre-fab gas station with pre-visable Gilbert & Barker gas pumps . Also working on a 1913 standard gas station with island pump cover will more of standard when finished . The windows came from old 100 year old building s that have been demo .
  8. just purchased a car in Buenos Aires need to have it shipped back , looking for a good company to do this . alot of sammers out there . has anyone had a car ship to us from Argentina . Thanks
  9. The latest on the Dorris Motor Car building. We have been inside the old factory and found the front wall is gone and a framed wood wall was added when a later building was erected in front . The back brick wall is in very bad shape, and time is against us because of tight time-frame on the demolition schedule. The developers have been great in working with us on this project, but time and a great deal of added cost to get ready for the move was too much. If the old Dorris factory were in a lot better shape and if the front wall were there, the cost would have worked and the rent per Sq ft. rate in the Nashville market would paid for the move in less than four years. We sure tried to save this historic car factory. The project manager says we can have all the bricks, doors & windows. Our hope is to perhaps re-build the old factory using the original materials on the campus of Marathon Village. Barry Walker P.S. YOU CANT WIN THEM ALL ! Thanks for all your support .
  10. Yes, that is a 1913 Marathon Runner model auto, 25 hp. Would like info on who had posted that on Facebook. Or if anyone knows of Marathon cars, parts or photos for museum. Thank you. Barry Walker 615-293-4569 cell
  11. A 1912 model K- 20 marathon came from that bridge water Museum . restored in Texas and now in a private collection in Kentucky! I have also a K-20 but came from Mr Ted Trice small museum in scennett New York . now at .marathon village .com
  12. Thanks for talking to Mr. Dorris love to meet him and for the city Directory ,The spruce st is now called 9th ave .Will be at Hershey next week may be able to meet Mr. Dorris if he is going to be there at the HCCA tent! I alway have a orange vest on ever year looking for anything marathon on it! Give me a yell.
  13. some of the machines from ellis machine shop !The shop was packed full of machines of all kinds . and they said they never got rid of anything .The iron scraping company sold a lot to collectors and museums for 4 mouths and scraped the rest .I was lucky to get a lot and it was cheap and later .14 cents per pound.