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  1. Thanks! They had a lot of damage (curb rash, and no doubt someone tried to pry a couple off with tire iron at some point).
  2. I had hoped to make more progress on the '64, but 2020 was pretty brutal on my business, so project funds are in short supply. I was able to address some things that required my labor mostly. I was able to restore the turbine wheel covers and do some repair on the suspension components, preparing it for air ride. Since business was so slow last year, I also spent a lot of hammer and dolly time straightening the front and rear bumpers, and found a pair of front lower turn signal lamp covers and restored everything.
  3. The single-sided stitched tags at the mounting tabs are the FMVSS DOT tags.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, the retractors the previous owner installed are coming out. My old '63 (I was the second owner) I sold a few years ago had the navy blue leather interior and a set of navy blue webbing Brown-Line seat belts.
  5. The pandemic put my '64 Super Wildcat project on hold for quite awhile, but I did get one of the interior items done. I spent a lot of time tracking down parts here and there to cobble together enough hardware for a set of front and rear seat belts. I work with a great chome plater and I'm a dealer rep for DJ Safety/Deist Safety, and they both helped me with chroming the hardware parts (buckles, tabs, etc.), and I was able to track down some pea soup color webbing (which turned out to be a lot tougher to find than I expected) that DJ Safety sewed together for me - and used the original Brown-Line tags.
  6. That's the parking lamp lens. I need to replace the lower cover...like the attached.
  7. ISO a pair of lower park lamp covers for 1963-64. My set are beyond repair and need to replace them. Thanks for the help in advance. My zip code is 91709.
  8. A couple of pics when I was bending up and installing the rear portion of the exhaust on my '63 that show the rear KYB Gas-a-Just shocks with the new Jamco/Coil Spring Specialties springs...
  9. Yes, the Rivi rode really nice, especially on our terrible roads here in SoCal. In my opinion, they were a better ride than the Bilsteins (not as harsh), plus for around $35 each, it was less of a hit to my pocketbook. Just in case, I ran the KYB Gas-a-Just part numbers: Front - KG4550; and Rear - KG5466. I'm putting my '64 on air and will run the same rear KYB shock.
  10. I ran a set of KYBs on my 63 when I did the 2-inch front and rear Jamco spring kit. The shocks were the same part number as my '63 Pontiac Tempest.
  11. My wife wasn't very happy with me for selling the '63 Rivi a couple of years ago and since I finished the Pontiac-powered C10 build a couple of months ago in time for SEMA, this '64 showed up to my shop. It needs some work, but should be worth saving. It appears to have been originally a NorCal car that left the state and eventually ended up in Illinois. Going to build it for the wife. First step after finding the seat belts she wanted is rebuild the front and rear suspensions, and put it on air as she requested.
  12. 225/75-15 - a little on the frame behind the A-arms at full lock. Now is a good time to order through Jamco...this was in the email I received today: we are offering 10% off all orders now through February 15th! Use Promo Code: THANKYOU
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