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  1. Hello Ben, a detailed description about all the things we can do with the software from the ignition is far too much for my small technical english. We have used the original distributor housing and put a modern light barrier control in it ( see in the pictures). You also get a little electronic control module with a cable which you can switch into your computer. With the software you can set 2 ignition curves, rev limiter and much more which I couldn't even explain in German. All the hardware and software is built and developed by a small german company called AKI. They do all kinds of ignition and also injection conversions, the webpage is only in German unfortunately. http://www.aki-electronic.de/kfz/zuendung/proMotDynamic/proMotDynamic.html
  2. Hello from Germany, and sorry for my english at first, I hope it is ok to just jump in and join. This is such an interesting discussion, I needed that information a year ago when I have built my first Buick Straight 8. It is a ( quite rare I guess) 278 from 1934 which I bought unseen in parts from a guy in Denmark. We designed new pistons and increased the compression to 7.0:1, got cnc rods made, bigger valves and new valve guides, also built an intake manifold for 4 Stromberg 97's and welded a custom exhaust. It runs with an electronic ignition where I can change the ignition curve on a computer to get the best result from high octane fuels. As there was quite a long discussion about pistons and their design I wanted to show our idea of it. lls995