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  1. Thanks for your quick response.Sorry if I posted too many pics., but I thought some one else could compare and reference with them .My heat ex changer was rusted shut.....Thank you.... I changed a lot of gaskets along with some broken exhaust bolts.I used every thing to break the shaft loose and I think the torch and wax was best.With a pipe wrench,slowly,don't get to discouraged.Stopped the noise but it was fatigued point spring that was cracked and would cut out when reved up, and smoked..Feels good to overcome different problems,even thought I'm not a good mec. It's ready to drive.100,000
  2. I have a 51 Chieftain.looks like I will have to take my manifold apart and fix mine , it runs crappy when I rev it up.And was making a weird noise from that area..Almost a clanking noise.Is there replacement heat risers? I'm kinda afraid of rusty manifold bolts and the repair with my skills.Can I take off the carb and look and see the flapper? It look's like it is down in there a ways.The counter weight does not move by hand.Never heard this car run cause it's new to me, but I think it just got stuck or rusted out lately because my friend said it ran ok two years ago.Any help with disass
  3. Picked this 51 up a few months back,I guess I will have to get a pro mech.to get it running right. It's a 6cyl., 3 on the tree.It has about 111 to 115 lbs of compression in the cylinders,all plugs out . I really cant find out what normal compression is in the 239...has a light to medium noise in the middle of the eng. carb side.Starts idles, doesn't rev good , most plugs turn black . I might be off when I brought the no.1 cyl. to top dead center..guessing which plug it pointed to and then went counter clock wise with the wiring.
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