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  1. It's on his family land which belonged to his father submit reply submit
  2. Well the thing is I'm in DFW area, he lives in Illinois and the truck is in Kentucky and I cannot travel at all to do that. I have offered him money for it, just ask team if $5000 would take it off his hands and he did not like that.
  3. He's fully aware of my story because I talk to him about it, and as far as finding another one sure I could do that but it would not be "the original"
  4. I have a quick question on buying from an emotionally invested person, my first truck I got when I was 15 I got from my great uncle a 62' Chevy c10 which who bought it in 1962, 61,000 miles all original back in 1985. While working under it I had a Jack failure and broke my neck, so I sold it to a friend of mine who in turn sold it to her brother who has kept it since 1990! Him and his son were going to fix it up, but when the father died not too long ago he willed it to his son. But for like the past 20 years it's been sitting in a field, gathering rust, junk in the back, etc. however he consi
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