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  1. My 58 Edsel Corsair is currently undergoing an overhaul, however it’s not even begun unfortunately due to not being able to find the correct size piston ring. from what the mechanic said, the ring we’re unable to locate is a 3/32nd ring. Full measurements are down below: Bore size 4.23 top ring: 5/64 middle ring: 3/32 oil ring: 3/16 Does anyone have a set of these rings, or know where I can look further to get them?
  2. With all due respect, I understand this situation is a big "Needle Haystack", but I would like to try my hardest to find this truck. If you will, buying a cheap 67 and restoring it to look like the original, just isn't right. I know it'll probably be the best idea, but to me it won't be. A lot of people have done this for their parents, and they've eventually found the original certain vehicle, I'm choosing to walk that path until I find it.
  3. Greetings! I am in the first steps to finding out the location of a certain 1967 Chevy Truck my father had when he was growing up. His birthday just passed on September 8th, and I wanted to do something Big for his next birthday. When asked, he mentioned his first truck was his father's truck, (Pictures will be provided) and I wanted to find out where this exact same truck is, buy it from whoever currently owns it, and fix it up to where it looks exactly the same as it did back in 1967. As for the photos, they are a bit blurry, the license plate I can read just barely, however I believe I know what it spells out. AD 8036 If anyone is able to help me out by locating this exact same 1967 Chevy truck, I'd very much appreciate anything at this point.
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