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  1. We have used ceramic rope which can be found for industrial pipe insulation. It's good for 1500 degrees and Is white in color. It mimics asbestos rope that was used back in the day. Looks the part and would pass concours judging. There is also a fiberglass mat that can be wrapped around the pipe and cures when it dries. It was used on early cadillac and duesenberg header pipes. This can still be bought but is very pricey.
  2. As far as getting a car accepted to pebble beach before it is restored is very common practice. There is a application process where you tell them about the car and depending on rarity, past history and style they will decide if they want it on the field. Very important cars that are under restoration are a pretty easy write in. Also Pebble also invites cars based on the classes in which they have in the next year. Believe it or not there are alot of older restorations that go because of the need to fill classes. But if you have a car you think could make the lawn you can apply and see what th
  3. One other thing to look at it moving the steering column up. Depending on how the box is mounted in the frame you can potentially tilt the box up and this will give you alot more room in your lap area. Some cars actually have adjustable column mounts. Some have spacers which you can remove and make thiner ones. Lots of custom bodied cars you see the holes in the frame slotted for this purpose. Most early cars in the 20's and earlier were fixed with no adjustment. But in our shop we have a lot of tall car owners so we try our best to move the box as high up as we can. Biggest thing to remember
  4. I'm in need of a Kissel Kar radiator badge for the restoration of my 1917 6-38 4 passenger roadster. willing to buy one in any condition. here is a picture of which one i need thanks Ryan Brown browrya73@gmail.com
  5. great find with the pictures of the kissel ! I added them to my file for reference in restoring my 17' kissel 4 passenger roadster. The one picture showing the tail light is of huge help
  6. So my car would be the 4 passenger model roadster since it has the two front buckets and rear bench with a trunk correct? Could my car have been built as a 4 passenger 100 point 6 and not have the detachable hardtop? my body is the same is the one two down on the left. i do have metal trim pieces that i believe go around the top part of the body all the way around. i will have to check to see if holes exist in them for side curtain rods
  7. I just recently acquired my first prewar classic which has been a goal of mine for some time now. The car being a 1917 Kissel 6-38 4 passenger roadster which many other automobile makes would call a clover leaf roadster. The car is very complete roughly 95% though it is torn down and in the middle of the restoration process. I have very little if any history on the car other than the two previous owners names at this point. The car seemed to have been kept in decent condition with the chassis being very nice with no rust pitting and also keeping all its original metal panels. At some point in
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