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  1. According to the shop, everything holds and a leak detection has been done, and they believe it "has" to be a vacuum issue which requires a tear down. I'm headed back there to drop off again due to a number of issues that have come up post-fix which weren't there prior (and unrelated to AC). End of the day, the estimate was $$$ with the contingent of "we are not responsible if the housing breaks apart once we try to put it back together..." which is fair, and I like EmTee's idea of fiberglass and Beemon's mold suggestion over 3D... when I re-built a 66 912 Stoddard had EVERY part available if I screwed something up. I wish, as stated earlier, that there was an off-the-shelf option of NOS but thanks to NTX5467 I believe i'm limited. Seriously team, the person MOST upset about non-functioning AC is my wife... her analogy is "so what they're telling us is, they've charged us a significant amount of money to tell us 'well, we know what the problem is, and we can charge you MORE money, but we can't guarantee it will ever work in the condition it is in...' that's like a plumber (I come from a family of plumbers) saying, we KNOW what the problem is, and we're charging you to tell you we know what the problem is, but at the end of the day, you still can't flush your toilet..." Hence my we are married
  2. Thank you Beemon for your note. The fear in taking it apart is due to the cracked external evaporator assembly housing. If I could source a new one (new to me) without cracks I'd drop it in a second. JohnD1956 - hoses are there, lines are good, in my ownership no teardown or disassembly. As mentioned above, if I had the housing I'd dive right in. The biggest issue my shop tells me is the fear of housing just falling apart, and not being able to source a new one. Yes, it is not working, but it is original, and yes, I could rip the whole thing out and "not" have AC, if I can source the parts I want at some point in the future... Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. NTX5467 - Wow, thank you VERY much for the information. That is very helpful to know. As stated above, I want the plastic cover so when MY plastic cover disintegrates, I have a replacement. Thanks Pete. Very helpful. I'm coming to learn that my AC is simply putting the top down. I'll look up CTC. And sorry about the delay on my part, I posted then had to be out of town for the week. Much appreciated all.
  3. Afternoon everyone, I introduced myself over in the Me and My Buick area, so I'll get to the issue. I've attached images of my factory installed AC. Many of you will notice all the cracks and "repairs" a PO has done. I've had two shops attempt to get it working. The second shop (which I trust with this vehicle) says they have sourced all the parts needed to fit it, but are concerned that once they attempt to get the Evaporator Assembly (see picture attached) un-done, we run the chance of it breaking into pieces. The estimate is a bit steep, and the risks of destroying the assembly means I'm out a lot of money with perhaps an assembly in pieces. I'm open to ideas everyone. I've attempted to source an entire NOS to no avail. I've looked at trying to find a donor car that has AC, yup, no luck. I'd be okay with just finding the Evaporator Assembly, but I can't find that either. My wife suggested 3-D printing, but while there are non-factory parts on it, I want the AC to stay factory. Does anyone, has anyone come across a resource for NOS or nicely used factory AC parts for the 1961-1963 Skylark? Anyone seen a used 61-63 Skylark donor with stock AC? Thank you everyone. I search this and other sections of this site to make sure someone else hasn't already answered this specific request. Andrew 1963skylark
  4. Hey everyone, My daily driver is a 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible with the 215 aluminum V8, 4-speed manual and factory installed AC (not currently working). I'm going to address that issue in a different thread. She has a 10-foot re-spray (PO) of "Pearl" white and a brown/tan interior and top. She's not concourse, and in my ownership she never will be. Many fans of the Skylark ask if she has the BorgWarner transmission; she does. While I am in possession of the original carbs, I just had a local shop put on a new Edelbrock intake and carbs and Pertronix distributor. Needless to say, she's a bit more hot-rod now. No real projects to speak of at the moment, except the throttle is a little sticky now (which I need to investigate). I just love driving her. I look forward to reading more about everyone's Buicks. Andrew 1963skylark
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