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  1. Loftbed... Is Don Pettee's former car...? I believe a school teacher bought it new, and drove it for many years. It was restored cosmetically very nicely, but the mechanics were ignored. I believe Tony Bult went through the car mechanically and got things up to par. If I remember correctly, it steers very hard, and shouldn't. I believe what the problem is, is not the car, or clutch, but your skill. I always tell new 20's car owners....SLOW Down....!! Not just car speed, but.....You. We are in a fast paced, "instant" world now. We jump out of a
  2. Please Post photos of your Aug. '18, and Sept. '18 Model 96's.
  3. There was one in Texas in the late 90's...a Medium Burgundy color with wire wheels and dual sidemounts. Nicola Bulgari has this one now, in PA. Not sure if this is one of your "known" examples. Please post a photo of your Aug. '18 and Sept. '18 Coupes. :)
  4. hi Mark!! I sure Miss You...!!!! Think of you often ! gosh, don't think I've seen you since Seattle '07 (?) no....the Buicks are in MN still. I've been travelling A LOT, and garages in palm springs are like diamonds, except harder to find, and more expensive!! haha. everything is car ports due to the 359 days of Sun we have each year. Being the 28's are so original, I just won't store them without 4 walls and a roof. Once I settle in one spot, I'll bring them out. I summer in MN most years so get to enjoy them for a few months each year. Right now they are in just pristine
  5. omgosh Matt....I Want Want Want this car...!!! Beautiful, just regal and stunning. Make no apologies for it..! You can be very Proud of your Buick. I would recommend any modern "upgrades" you make, be reversible, in the event you ever sell it. There are many purists out there that enjoy the authentic ride/handling of bias ply tires, original carb, and authentic experience of driving with the light that was originally provided in 1941. No surprise the Buick hunted the Packard, no surprise at all...!!??
  6. it's a 1928 Model 58 Victoria Coupe. First production was Boulevard Maroon. Second Production was Boulevard Maroon Medium, Final production was solid Black, with a Sport Green Moulding, striped in cream. The top is Not original. The dash has been repainted, should be sport green, and walnut trim is missing or painted over(?), interior should be Dark Green mohair (22 oz), landau bars are ornamental. Frame number should be just past 2 million, headlights tilted and out of adjustment. makes me think the car is tampered with more than the ad states. Buffalo Wire Wheels were a brand of Wire Wheels
  7. Believe it or not...Buick was one of the first if not The first automobile brand to market their ads toward women. Starting in around 1915/16. While Buick did not think of this strategy on their own, they did "take the leap" of faith before ANY other manufacturers dared to. The answer lies in New York, and not in the automobile world, but the world of advertising. Psychology as we know it today was a new budding concept in the medical field. To some, it was newfound brilliance in understanding the human condition, to others, the stodgy old 'science' minded establishment...it was hogwash, and s
  8. This is my 1928Buick Model 47S Town Brougham. The 47S was a Special one-year only model. This car is completely Original, and UNrestored. In fact, I'm still driving on the Original, Factory, diamond pattern tire on the right rear....89 years old! This was the Fire Chief of Milwaukee's car, John Homolka. The Chief bought it brand new in Jan. of 1928. It was big news, and the whole block waited at Mr.Homolka's house for him to round the corner in his new Buick. He then gave rides to all the neighbors and friends who had gathered. The Chief took the streetcar to work everyday, so the Buick was on
  9. Hello Everyone... I have been a member of the Yahoo 27 Buick group for nearly 20 years...for some reason just never joined the AACA Buick forum...until today! I know Mark Shaw, Fred Rawling, and a number of the Buick 'heros' on here. I was raised in the backseat of Antique Buicks, and own two 1928 Buicks. I'm an Antique Automobile Preservationist with 40(ouch!) years of research, knowledge and skill in this skull of mine. I'm happy to help anyone I can with issues of Preserving their pre-war Buick. I have a large collection of private, internal documents, that were saved from th
  10. hi Hugh....try WD-40 sprayed liberally in each comb, and triple-zero (000) steel wool wound tightly around a q-tip. tho marketed as a lubricant, WD-40 invented by Bell Labs is actually a cleaner. I've used it to great success on a number of preservation projects.
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