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  1. Hi folks. I have a 1929 Dodge DA 6 cylinder 4-dr sedan for sale. Please see the attached pictures. It seems to be in very good structural condition and has little serious rust issues. The previous owner reports both the engine and transmission having been rebuilt. It starts, drives and stops. All gauges are there. Original window glass, all roll up. Wood wheels seem quite solid. I am a 200 lb fellow as I can jump on the running boards. Tires hold air. Interior will need complete replacement though I have the original interior panels as templates. All interior hardware is there (handles etc. ) I believe. Included are two large boxes of small parts. I have no idea what the car is worth but am asking $4900 OBO locally. Please be in contact with any questions. Thanks, DaveM
  2. If anyone here knows of someone parting out a 1929 Dodge Brothers, four door sedan in particular, I'd love to hear about it! :-)) Dave Montgomery hedtrpr@aol.com
  3. Hi, I am restoring a 1929 Dodge 4-Dr sedan and need a number of different parts to include the following: -passenger side parking light bracket/light holder -front seat -hood/cowling chrome trim -interior panels -and more If you have any of these or other parts pls contact me at: Dave Montgomery 425-281-0593 hedtrpr@aol.com Thanks!!
  4. Bob, yes I understand that there is a notch for the condenser, mine just seems a great deal bigger, like it was knocked out. Regardless I will figure out a way to close it up (put condenser totally outside). The only good thing is that i can watch the points working when running!! Your Pinterest site is great. So below is the car I got for firewood. Whats most amazing is how well it runs- doesn't even smoke and I haven't put much new gas in from the last time it ran about 5 years ago. Tranny and rear end all good. Some rust but minimal. Main problem is I have no interior. Ok slight exaggeration... I have seats: front back, back back and maybe back bottom is not too gone. No interior panels. Most everything else is there. Theres a guy (on this forum I believe) who is parting out a 29 like mine. Wife says I need to sell something before I can buy more "stuff." She's right... darnit. BTW, what is this car? A DA, a Standard, an A, ??? Seen different names for it. Thanks, Dave
  5. Thanks Bob. The picture you posted... It looks to have the same big chunk of metal missing from the side as mine does. I mean exactly!! Was that a common problem? Thanks, Dave (can't seem to get a pic loaded up and not sure which messages are going through. BTW, if you know anyone who has a 1929 DA(?) being parted out, I need some stuff for mine. Dave)
  6. Thanks Bob. The picture you posted... It looks to have the same big chunk of metal missing from the side as mine does. I mean exactly!! Was that a common problem? BTW, here's the car I got for chopping up five cirds if wood for a feller. Thanks, Dave
  7. Is anybody still following this discussion. I need a distributor that will replace my 1929 Dodge 6 one. Any ideas? Dave Hedtrpr@aol.com
  8. Looking for an old used interior for my '29 Dodge 4 dr sedan. I'm restoring to old running condition not new shiny! Thanks, Dave Montgomery 425-281-0593
  9. Hi, looking for a driver's side parking light or at least the bracket the light attaches to. Anybody got an extra? For a '29 4dr sedan. Dave 425-281-0593