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  1. Hi Doug use a soft flame Not a lot of heat needed because the material is thin and will turn a light blue.If it's S/S it will buff out. TP
  2. Hi Doug Your trim can be grazed with silver solder Not hard and it will never break if done correctly TP
  3. This Buick is in Tillsonburg On. It's a 1931 Ser. 90 made into a convertible TP
  4. Hi. Are the Buick badges still available particularly the rectangular one mclaughlin Canada on top and bottom thanks. TP
  5. TP32

    Hi again

    Hello Does anyone know what the stroke should be on an operating thermostat adjustable rod in the rad?
  6. TP32

    Hi again

    Sorry lovers not lovers TP
  7. TP32

    Hi again

    Hi just checked the lovers and they all seem to be free but I will still lubricate them as a precaution thanks. Tony
  8. TP32

    Hi again

    Hello again What type of spark plug should I use no my 32 Buick ser. 60 with a LOW compression cyl head gasket? And does it make a difference? Thanks again. Tony
  9. TP32

    Hi again

    Hi now that the oil pressure problem has bee solved I would like to solve thr thermostat problem by buying a new or rebuilt one if possible I have one now but it doesn't work .I would like to have the shutters operating properly.They are bolted in the open position now.Any ideas out there? Thanks. T P
  10. TP32

    Hi again

    Should be 140-150. Thanks. T P
  11. TP32

    Hi again

    Hi Can someone explain why I need a multi grade oil? I only drive the car in summer which means it's always starting and running on the 30 or 40 weight oil as the 5 -10 or 15 weight is only required for cold weather starting. So if we don't drive in winter or even start the engine then why do we need a multi grade oil? Thanks. Tony
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