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  1. She has her very own spot with an electric heater on her side lol... A clean garage yikes !!! It was recently cleaned and still have more to do. The dining room hutch I've been dragging around for 20 years. It her moms and she won't part with it. As for a sick mind well it depends what you think sick is lol.... It sure is nice to find what I need for a change. My son did the oil change on it and loved how easy it was... He is hooked on the car !!! As as for what it needs. The picture is deceiving..... The seats need redoing the dash isn't to bad....the dash pad isn't cracked eith
  2. Hi. Finally getting around and stepping into the Buick world. My dad had a few as did my uncles. I purchased a 1967 Buick Wildcat convertible custom ps,pb,pa (with 89000 miles) last year and will be starting the restoration process this winter . My goal is to do Route 66 in it with my son. It has a 455 in it for now as I'm overhauling the original 430. The war and finance department isn't happy with purchase.... I told her "it will be a great bonding experience with OUR son" we already have a great relationship but I've learned what levers to pull lol. Looking forward
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