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  1. Lump, I dropped the idea as soon as I heard from Joe. I used his idea to look on Ebay, and I quickly found a manifold for the left side. I have seen one for the right side, but it did not have a buy it now button. I am always open to advice and information! I am new to this hobby, and I appreciate being able to avoid some of the pitfalls that you guys describe. Although I have worked on engines and brakes before, I am quite far from being called a mechanic. I'll hopefully learn as I go!
  2. Thanks Joe, I never even thought to look on ebay! I also likely hurt my search efforts since I always used 1972 in all my searches. Great tips! The search for parts never really occurred to me. I did not know it would be a problem when I bought the car since I figured the seventies weren't that far in the past. I keep forgetting that my daughters' generations consider me old! Anyway, I always thought that this would be a great hobby, and although I am only just getting my feet wet now, I think I will enjoy both driving my car and hunting for parts for it. Wayne
  3. Thank you for your reply. I am already worried about this. I am not really after the added power here, I just want to replace the exhaust manifolds, which have a hole in them (both sides). So far, I have not been able to find any exhaust manifolds for the car. This is my first classic car, and I was surprised to find there were no replacement exhaust manifolds available for the car. Funny, I remember 1972, and somehow, in my mind I thought there would still be lots of parts available. Rookie mistake there! I am calling some more places this week, so maybe I'll get lucky. I was planning on using the headers as a last resort in case I can't find exhaust manifolds. Of course, if someone said, that there was a header that was "easy" I probably would have been swayed into attempting them. Thanks for the warning since I have no experience in raising an engine... yet. To tell you the truth, I have never replaced exhaust manifolds either, but I was planning to learn with the help of my friend who is a mechanic. Wayne
  4. Does anyone have advice on what headers work best with a 1972 Buick Centurion with a 455? I have had trouble finding exhaust manifolds for my car, and I am thinking of going with headers. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about which headers have the easiest fit for my vehicle. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Wayne
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