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  1. DJ Scully

    21 Foot Electra 225?

    You ,Know I never have measured it .Something I need to do.Thanks
  2. Looking for a source for a 64 880 hardtop wagon door weather strip. I believe it is the same as the 60-64 Chrysler hardtop wagons . Thanks for any help on this.
  3. DJ Scully

    1962 225 Limo

    I am in Ca . Flexible Corp made 2 of these in 62. That is the other one I have talked to the owner of that one. Thanks
  4. DJ Scully

    1962 225 Limo

    Thanks , just water stains , seats are something I hope to start on this fall.
  5. DJ Scully

    1962 225 Limo

    Have had this a few years , I have a lot of history on it but looking for any additional info and pics of it .Thanks