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  1. The car has been converted over to 12V. I am looking to keep it mostly original, except the paint and interior. I am mostly going to use the car for local events and driving. Nothing professional as far as shows. Unless later I decide to get a muscle car no other projects in the future. This is my one project, I have always loved these body styles.
  2. I am from the SW Virginia area living near Mt. Airy, NC also known as Mayberry. Lucked up on this Buick, runs good but mostly will need complete interior work, paint, and tires. Just trying to get a starting point, and ideas.
  3. Well I must say this is my first ever car project and not sure exactly where to begin. This car runs well, and gas tank has been cleaned and it has a new gas pump. Other that that it needs interior and exterior work. All pans, trunk, seems to be without rust. just some surface rust and one small spot that will be need of some welding. I did drive it some so I know it runs clean. Not sure where to start, guess I should start with the surface rust areas. The interior will be redone not sure yet what to do with the floor, just rubber or carpet. Then painting it medium Blue with Black below side c
  4. Hello, I am new here. Just bought a 51 Buick Special and I am soon going to start on this project. Hoping that this site will help.
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