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  1. Would be interested in knowing if you have a 1925 model 25-28 coupe horn bracket and starter model number 283 when you start categorizing your parts. Both parts are for the 1925 coupe.
  2. The commutator is the problem. Do any of you know of someone that just sells the commutator for the 1925 standard coupe 25-28 starter model # 283 delco-remy? If so can you provide name and phone number and what is a fare price to pay? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Just read you got it running and great to hear. The gentleman you provided me on the door handles sold me a couple that he thought were for the 1925. Thanks for the information. I am in the process of talking to one of the companies Hugh suggested on trying to cast the oval door handle and escutcheon. When I get enough information and if I decide to have Hildebrand Designs cast will let you know. Hugh recommended making out of bronze with steel shaft so this is what I am discussing with them.
  4. Hugh, Has anyone taken your advice on the oval door handle about taking names and providing an original handle and escutcheon? I am new to this forum but we need two of the oval exterior door handles. If you can provide a foundry and phone number maybe I can contact them and see what the cost would be to make in brass. I would also have to consider the shrink tubing you described. We have a cracked one that could possibly be sent to be cast if it could work? Would also want the escutcheon done as well.
  5. Picture of the 1925 switch and also attached is a buick 1925 fischer parts list document. Buick 1925 parts list.docx
  6. My brother has the 25 coupe in Indiana listed in the BCA directory. We are in the process of trying to get it back on the road. When I spoke to him about your question of how many back on the road he stated he only knew of 1 other one in California but not sure if it is still there or not. I hope we can get the one he owns to look as great as yours does.
  7. Rod and Mark thanks for your information. Additionally by reading other articles on this forum I have found quite a bit of information. Hopefully we can get the car running again and take to some car shows. If you know of anyone having the parts I listed please let me know.
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